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Reputation protection

A reputation built over years can be permanently destroyed in seconds.

We advise clients across the country in relation to reputation protection, in particular in relation to:

  • Defamation:  Where someone says, writes or otherwise communicates something which is both untrue and which causes right-thinking people to think less of the subject party.
  • Malicious falsehood: Where someone says, writes or otherwise communicates something which is untrue, done maliciously and causes financial loss to the subject party.
  • Malicious prosecution: Where someone is prosecuted on a criminal charge without reasonable cause and with malice.  Such claims can be brought against the relevant prosecuting authority (e.g. the Crown Prosecution Service or Health and Safety Executive) or, in certain circumstances, directly against the person which set the law in motion against the subject party (i.e. the complainant).

We have the expertise to demand that the perpetrator ceases their course of action and, where necessary, we can seek a court injunction restraining them from continuing.  We can also advise on obtaining damages from the perpetrator, via court proceedings if necessary.

Social media

The rise in use of social media within a business context brings with it an ability for discontented or malicious individuals to cause significant damage to the reputation of others with ease like never before.  In addition to the above remedies, we can also engage with website operators and social media providers and seek to have offending material withdrawn from publication.

The experience of our Partners in this area includes:

  • Advising a prominent North East business in relation to defamatory statements made by a national competitor.
  • Advising a high net worth individual on pursuing a joint claim for defamation, malicious falsehood and malicious prosecution.
  • Advising an ultra-high net worth individual on a claim for defamation against a third party.

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