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Will, trust & estate disputes

Losing a loved one can be difficult enough without a dispute arising over how the deceased’s estate should be divided.  These disputes often arise between complex family networks but can occasionally occur between close family members too.  Examples include where:

  • The Will has been lost.
  • You are concerned that the deceased did not have sufficient mental capacity or control over their affairs when they made their Will.
  • A party believes the deceased ought to have made a greater provision for them under a Will.
  • You believe a third party has coerced or manipulated the deceased in relation to their Will.
  • The Will was not properly constructed or signed.
  • The deceased made promises to you which were not reflected in the Will.
  • There are disagreements between executors.

Families are more diverse and geographically spread out than ever before.  Increases in cohabitation, divorce, remarriage and step-families can easily result in people feeling left out, which in turn can quickly develop into a legitimate dispute over entitlement.  We recognise that disputes of this nature usually occur against an emotionally charged backdrop and need to be handled with great care, sensitivity and efficiency.


We provide a range of funding options and where appropriate we look share risk with our clients by offering fixed fees or advising under the terms of a conditional fee agreement or damages based agreement, whereby our fees are dependent on achieving a successful outcome. Please contact us for more information.